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Why Photos are Important

April 9, 2024

So, a lot of clients ask me why I bother to sell prints, albums and other tangible products while most photogs just sell digital files. I mean, we living a the digital age, right? Why is it SO important to “display” photos?

Well, for years now, psychologists have been studying the impact of print photographs on children’s development.
As a mom and a photographer, this topic really hit home for me, and it turns out, family’s photos are way more impactful than anyone realized. 

Printed photographs have actually been shown to raise a child's self-esteem and create a stronger self worth in their own abilities. 

Experts have shown that displaying family photos allows the child to see and learn where they fit in to their family. and how important they are to that family unit. Seeing these photos creates a sense of safety and security allowing the child to grow up with less stress, anxiety and insecurities.

So, you may then think…why don't we just look at our family photos on our phones?

Well, these studies have shown that viewing photos on a screen has much less impact on a child psyche than that of a tangible photograph. Experts say displaying family photos in the home where a child can see it every day creates a sense of reassurance and comfort to the child that is simply not received from a screened device.

Amazing, right?!

Scientists say displaying your photos prominently in the home sends a message to our children that family members are important and we honor the memories we have experienced together.

Some experts even recommend having photographs of the child with their family placed in the child's bedroom, so it can be among the last things they see before going to sleep and one of the first things they see before beginning their day.

This shows them "we love you, we care about you and you are important". Awwwww!

So what is the best way to display photos at home?

That is completely up to you. Everyone’s home decor choices are different. Many people display family photos in high-traffic areas like an entryway or main living space, while others prefer to keep family photos a bit more private in upstairs hallways or bedrooms.  Some even have years worth of memories lining their staircase.

But no matter how you decide to display your images, the important part is that you get them printed and display them proudly around your home. Who knows...displaying your photos may also help you!

I hope you found this information helpful, and can now understand why I offer so many choices on how to display your images in your home. Just know I am here to help you every step of the way.

For more information about why photos are so important, check out these amazing sites:


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